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mNectar’s new Spectra streaming network turns ads into playable games

EXCLUSIVE: MNectar came up with unique way to get players to view ads on mobile by creating playable segments of games that could be streamed directly to users. No downloads were necessary just to try out a game. Now mNectar is announcing Spectra, a cross-platform app-streaming network. In creating this network, mNectar has built a cloud-based […]

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Glow launches a baby health tracking app, unveils premium features coming in March

Three years ago, PayPal cofounder Max Levchin set out to tackle the issue around rising healthcare costs in the United States. He started Glow with the aim of improving women’s reproductive health and its first app launched to help them conceive. Since then, the company spun out two more services to help women manage their […]

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Hykso’s wearable sensors promise to improve your punch

In the world of fitness, it’s estimated that 35 million people train in sports like boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. And while there are many wearables and sensors aimed at ensuring that the right number of calories are burned or if we’re doing the exercise right, Hykso has emerged to help combatants throw better […]

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The Downside of Linux Popularity

Popularity is becoming a two-edged sword for Linux. The open source operating system has become a key component of the Internet’s infrastructure, and it’s also the foundation for the world’s largest mobile OS, Google’s Android. Widespread use of the OS, though, has attracted the attention of hackers looking to transfer the dirty tricks previously aimed at Windows to Linux.

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