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Google Makes Maps Useful in the Boonies

Google on Tuesday began rolling out an offline mode for Google Maps. Users can download a regional map — say, a city, county or country — either by tapping “download” on a search result or by going to “Offline Areas” in the Google Maps menu and tapping on the “+” button. The downloaded map will function in offline mode automatically when the user enters an area with poor or no connectivity.

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Pantry’s fresh food kiosks represent a food industry undergoing massive change

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced in association with Panasonic Lab 1.0.  You know the feeling: that mid-afternoon slump when M&Ms, or salted chips and a soda, will revive flagging energy so you can finish that report or get through the next meeting. Even though the pick-me-up will soon send your blood sugar crashing, it’s what’s […]

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Yahoo launches redesigned search results exclusively for U.S. Firefox users

Yahoo today announced that it has launched an exclusive new user interface for people using its search engine with the Mozilla Firefox browser in the U.S. The deal is exclusive, so it’s not showing up in Yahoo searches in, say, the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. “We saw a unique opportunity to reinvent the […]

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Fiverr raises $60M to help lure freelancers online — and removes $5 minimum charge

Fiverr, a microtask marketplace for people to buy and sell just about any type of service, has raised $60 million in funding to “aggressively attract the vast majority of freelancers who still operate offline,” the company said. Today’s news takes Fiverr’s total funding past the $110 million mark, and it’s double the amount of its […]

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Veterans, here’s how to get your startup funded

GUEST: According to the U.S. Small Business Administration and the last census, there are over 2.4 million veteran-owned business in the United States, employing 5.7 million people and generating over $210 billion in payroll. And while veterans like me are seven percent of the population, we own nearly 10 percent of American businesses. Even more interesting […]

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Abnormally normal

FROM John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in the late 1800s, through the Railroad Commission of Texas in 1930, to OPEC since 1960, institutions have long tried to control and stabilise the oil market for their own benefit. Only rarely, says Jason Bordoff, director of Columbia University’s Centre on Global Energy Policy, has the oil market behaved like a normal market, more subject to the laws of supply and demand than to the whims of a cartel. Now is one of them.

Take supply. A year ago Saudi Arabia refused to allow OPEC to try to raise prices by pumping less crude, in the hope that a low price would drive competitors, especially America’s shale-oil producers, out of business. Since then it has used its low cost of production to carve out a bigger slice of the pie. It has fought with Russia and fellow OPEC members to sell oil to China. Seth Kleinman of Citibank says that it has recently sought to displace Russian crude going into refineries in Sweden and Poland, and cut prices across Europe.

Producers with higher costs, including big listed oil firms and many rival national oil companies, have also behaved rationally,…Continue reading

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Xbox Live is down intermittently and preventing Fallout 4 players from uploading screenshots

Microsoft is aware that Xbox Live is experiencing problems. The company has confirmed what dozens of people on social media are complaining about, Xbox Live is not functioning as normal. This is affecting both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and it is preventing many people from signing into Xbox Live. Other gamers are noting that […]

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Mobile marketing platform Swrve raises $30M, acquires

Swrve’s marketing automation platform is seeing some strong uptake with mobile app makers, and the company has picked up a new $30 million funding round to keep the good times rolling. Swrve says mobile developers have now installed its software development kit (SDK) a billion times. The round was led by Evolution Media Partners (EMP), TPG […]

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