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A vote to leave the EU would leave travellers in an uncertain position

TWO recent opinion polls have put the Leave side ahead in Britain’s upcoming referendum on European Union membership. If the country does decide on a Brexit on 23rd June, what would that mean for business travellers?

Frankly, it is difficult to say. We know what travel looks like as part of the EU, but not what deals would be in place were Britain to leave. Such details would be thrashed out in negotiations over the coming years. EU laws, for example, enshrine certain rights for air passengers, such as compensation for delays. New national legislation would be needed to replace it. Because no one knows who would form the government were Britain to secede from the EU, no one is in a position to say what form, if any, such laws would take. Similar issues surround subjects ranging from free health cover for travellers, the ease of passage for Brits travelling around the continent, and even the data-roaming fees that smartphone operators are allowed to charge. 

That uncertainty extends to trade. Recent research by Oxford Economics suggests, unsurprisingly, that…Continue reading

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