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Video ads: What works and doesn’t work with younger users

GUEST: Age changes how we access video content and view video marketing. Younger consumers are more digital, more mobile and, surprisingly, more skeptical towards branded content. A simple theory of technology and its mainstream adoption runs like this: What young people do today, older people will, generally, do tomorrow. This is evidenced academically by “early adopters” […]

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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One adopting Nintendo’s handheld update strategy makes sense to analysts

ANALYSIS: Your Xbox One is obsolete. Your PlayStation 4 is junk. But if these consoles are starting to feel old, Microsoft and Sony may step in to sell you the same thing all over again with something extra sprinkled on top. Analysts think it’s possible that Sony and Microsoft could start applying Nintendo’s iterative strategy for handhelds to […]

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VR will make working from home cooler than ever

GUEST: Nascent entrepreneurs and seasoned pajama warriors know that working from home is life-changing … and also kind of sucks. That’s why WeWork’s valuation is $16 billion and why the most popular product in a coffee shop is the power outlet. As VR headsets shrink and pixel densities balloon, working from home will not only suck less, it’ll eclipse all alternatives. Goodbye coffee-crusted keyboards […]

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Malware Exploits Apple DRM to Infect iPhones

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 on Wednesday announced they had discovered in the wild a method of infecting nonjailbroken iPhones with malware by exploiting design flaws in Apple’s digital rights management technology. The flaw has been exploited since 2013 largely as a means to pirate iOS software, but this is the first time it’s been used to infect iPhones with malware.

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Read the submitted proposal for Jobs family’s new Silicon Valley estate

FEATURE: Laurene Powell Jobs has proposed building 15,689-square-foot estate on land her husband, Steve Jobs, acquired in 1984. While the original proposal was submitted almost a year ago, the plans are moving toward approval by the Town of Woodside. The proposal for the land, which Steve Jobs originally bought in 1984, would not just include a sumptuous […]

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Steve Jobs and the strange afterlife of the historic Woodside mansion he demolished

FEATURE: Steve Jobs hated the historic Jackling House that he bought in 1984 so much that he spent a tremendous amount of time and energy in his final years trying to have the Woodside mansion torn down. After a decade of controversy and legal fights with local preservation groups, Jobs won, and the 17,250-square-foot building was demolished in February […]

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Here’s why King gave away its 2D mobile game engine Defold

‘Tis the season of giving for game engines. King Digital Entertainment acquired the Defold game engine back in 2014 to make two-dimensional mobile games. It enhanced the engine and published Blossom Blast Saga using Defold. But the European game company, which was acquired recently by Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion, has decided to release the […]

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We’re entering the era of the full-stack CEO

GUEST: We’re used to talking about full-stack developers — people who can do front end as well as back end development, understand the layers of both hardware and software, and know how to access (and make accessible) the data and programmatic functions of adjacent software. Laurent Gellert provides a good description of these requirements here. Although […]

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Mark Zuckerberg meets propaganda czar in China charm drive

BEIJING (By Matthew Miller and Paul Carsten, Reuters) – Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg met China’s propaganda tsar Liu Yunshan in Beijing on Saturday as part of a charm offensive in one of the few markets where the social network cannot be accessed. The rare meeting, reported by China’s state news agency Xinhua, suggests […]

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Car2Go car-sharing service drops electric cars for gasoline models

When Car2Go launched its car-sharing service in San Diego about five years ago, its entire fleet was composed of electric cars. It was a move that made San Diego officials smile, as the city is undertaking an ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions. But now Car2Go is withdrawing the fleet of Smart Fortwo Electric Drive […]

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How to create a billion-dollar SaaS company: Build a ‘system of record’

GUEST: We’re seeing a lot of gloom and doom in the SaaS space and the techworld in general as valuation multiples have compressed and late-stage funding has become more challenging. However, there still exists tremendous opportunity to build large, valuable companies in the SaaS space. How can an entrepreneur do this? Build a “system of record.” […]

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