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Steam is censoring some torrent sites in chat

Users of Valve’s Steam video game platform are finding some of the links they mention in chat automatically censored by filtering software, reports TorrentFreak. Specifically, affected websites include several popular — though not all — destinations for pirated torrent content. Sites whose URLs show up on the receiving end as “[LINK REMOVED]” include The Pirate Bay […]

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The HTC Vive offers the best consumer VR experience for now — but it needs better games

The HTC Vive begins shipping today to people who preordered the virtual reality headset based on Valve’s Steam VR technology. HTC and Valve hope that it will be the beginning of a VR renaissance that immerses us all with a feeling of “presence,” or the feeling that you are transported to another virtual place. This […]

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Google’s Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive VR headset will make you feel like a 3D artist

One of my favorite apps on the HTC Vive Pre virtual reality headset is Google’s Tilt Brush, a 3D painting program that lets your turn the virtual world into your canvas. This kind of VR experience could very well be one of the killer apps for virtual reality, which tech advisor Digi-Capital predicts will be […]

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Why Epic’s Tim Sweeney blasted Microsoft in bid to keep Windows 10 open

About once a decade, Tim Sweeney, graphics guru and CEO of Epic Games, stirs the hornet’s nest. He did so on Friday by blasting Microsoft for allegedly trying to close off the Windows 10 store, and hurting the much-cherished openness of the personal computer. In an op-ed piece in the Guardian and in an interview […]

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Epic’s Tim Sweeney questions Microsoft’s commitment to an open Windows platform

Tim Sweeney is of the best-known technical experts in the game industry and the CEO of Gears of War creator Epic Games, and he stirred up a big debate about the future of Windows. In an op-ed piece in the Guardian and in an interview with GamesBeat today, Sweeney said that he worries that Microsoft is making […]

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Unity Technologies and Valve team up to make VR development easier

Two video game titans are getting together today in support of virtual reality. Valve and Unity Technologies are announcing today that the Unity Platform will have native support for SteamVR, which is Valve’s tech behind the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This means that it will be easier for game developers to use the Unity game engine […]

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Cloudlands: VR Minigolf is a zany way to experience virtual reality with the HTC Vive

Golf games are usually a standard kind of sports title on a new video game platform. But it only works so well when you’re pretending to swing at a ball with a 16-button controller. But in virtual reality, you can get much more into the actual experience of playing golf, and this game has the […]

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Elite: Dangerous shows you can get sick from a VR game on the HTC Vive

For almost a year, Valve chief executive Gabe Newell and other company representatives have been saying that the HTC Vive won’t make you seasick from motion-sickness, as happens with other virtual reality headsets. I have confirmed that is not true, since I got mild motion sickness while playing a preview demo of the Elite: Dangerous […]

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Hands-on with Owlchemy’s silly Job Simulator virtual reality game for the HTC Vive

If you don’t like your job in real life, maybe it will be better in virtual reality. That outlandish notion is the idea behind Job Simulator, a virtual reality game that lets you perform familiar tasks in a funny way in places like a kitchen, an office, or a convenience store. Owlchemy Labs is creating […]

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Budget Cuts aims to take the puzzles and humor of Portal into VR (hands-on)

We’re not sure if Valve is making a version of Portal for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, which is powered by Valve’s own Steam VR technology. But at least one developer has been inspired to make a Portal-like game in VR. Neat Corporation from Stockholm, Sweden, showed off Budget Cuts at Valve’s recent Vive […]

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Final Approach is an HTC Vive VR game that turns you into a kid playing with toy airplanes

One of the best games I saw this week at Valve’s demo of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset was Final Approach from developer Phaser Lock Interactive. This aviation-themed VR game makes you feel like you are a kid again, playing with toy airplanes in a pretty virtual world. The title is one of the […]

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FaceIt esports community raises $15 million to go global

Esports is a growing market, and it isn’t only about the top 1 percent of players in the world that show up for the tournaments you see on Twitch. And one company is basing its growth on serving everyone who is a pro gamer, everyone who wants to reach that level, and beyond. FaceIt, an esports community platform, has secured […]

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Why one PC maker decided not to ship a Steam Machine this year

The Steam Machines PC gaming computers were pitched as a mighty alternative to Microsoft’s Windows when Valve announced them in January 2014. But when the company’s hardware partners announced their Steam Machines this week, only three of the original 14 vendors had products. Since 2014, Valve has been working to create the SteamOS, the Steam Controller, and Steam Link products […]

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