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Here’s how hard it is to make a mixed-reality trailer for HTC Vive VR games

Virtual reality is a difficult technology to demonstrate to people, but mixed reality is changing that. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to pull off, though. To promote the launch of Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption for the HTC Vive VR headset, videographer Kert Gartner has helped those developers create videos that show real […]

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Watch us play dozens of HTC Vive games

Let’s play far too many virtual reality video games. HTC and Valve released the Vive VR headset today. The first wave of people should start receiving their preorders this morning. To help you figure out what the hell this is all about, we’re streaming a list of VR games live on the World Wide Web’s YouTube. Click […]

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Job Simulator developer has overcome one of virtual reality’s biggest marketing hurdles

It is difficult to explain virtual reality to someone who has never tried it before, but one of the most exciting developers working in the space might have solved the problem. Studio Owlchemy Labs, which is making the VR game Job Simulator, has a new trailer in the works that mixes together video of a real-world player […]

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Hands-on with Owlchemy’s silly Job Simulator virtual reality game for the HTC Vive

If you don’t like your job in real life, maybe it will be better in virtual reality. That outlandish notion is the idea behind Job Simulator, a virtual reality game that lets you perform familiar tasks in a funny way in places like a kitchen, an office, or a convenience store. Owlchemy Labs is creating […]

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