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ASO master class: How to get 40K app downloads for free and other growth hacks (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: You could spend $10K to drive paid traffic and get some users — or you can growth-hack and land 40,000 downloads in just a few days. What’s the secret? Join top ASO gurus for this free half-hour master class in getting your app ranked, fast. Register here for free. “There’s this notion that you build […]

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Apple App Store and Google Play downloads grew 8.2% in Q1 thanks to games

Mobile is still growing, and gaming — as with nearly every emerging consumer technology — should get most of the credit. People downloaded 17.2 billion apps from the iOS and Android app markets in the first quarter of 2016, according to a new report from intelligence firm Sensor Tower. That’s up 8.2 percent over the same […]

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Growthhacking your app store downloads via App Marketing Optimization (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Breaking through the avalanche of apps requires the most current tricks of the ASO/AMO trade. Join analyst Peggy Anne Salz and App Masters founder Steve P. Young in this half-hour master class — and learn how to turbocharge your app store downloads. Register here for free. Nearly 2,000 mobile apps are released on Google Play and iOS […]

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Google lets Android developers to build video recording and livestreaming into games

Game developers on Android now have an easy way to turn their fans into livestreamers. Google revealed today that it is opening up Android’s built-in gameplay recording to developers. Studios can enable players to start recording or broadcasting their gameplay with the touch of a button. This means Clash of Clans players, for instance, don’t need […]

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Google beefs up ads, analytics, and updates for Android game developers

Game developers are about to get a handful of tools that should make their jobs easier. Google announced a number of improvements to its suite of Google Play game services that should help developers make better apps and more money. These features include a way for studios to bypass the review process for updating their games […]

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Google Play gets ‘Indie Corner’ to promote games from smaller studios

SAN FRANCISCO — Remember when your teacher made you sit in the corner after you did something bad and you would spend all that time thinking up crazy ideas for video games? Well, Google is bringing that feature to its Android app market … sorta. Indie Corner is a new feature in the Google Play […]

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How Google Play could fix the frustrating, impenetrable Chinese mobile gaming market

China has a massive mobile gaming market, but it’s not a viable option if you’re a Western developer. That could change if Google returns to the world’s most populous country. Smartphone and tablet gaming generated $5.5 billion in spending from Chinese players last year, according to Asia market-intelligence firm Niko Partners, but only a tiny portion […]

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App Store Optimization: How to compete for those coveted organic installs (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: If you’re not pursuing organic installs with app store optimization, you’re leaving money on the table. Join our powerhouse panel of ASO experts to learn how to boost those installs by up to 20 percent. Access our webinar on demand right here.  The mobile app market, though future-forward, is still just like any other marketplace. The […]

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Adblock Fast returns to Google Play a week after being pulled

A week ago, Google suddenly removed Adblock Fast from its Android app store. Today, the ad blocker has been reinstated, allowing Samsung users to download it once again from Google Play. Late last month, the browser preinstalled on Samsung’s Android phones gained support for content-blocking plugins, and the first plugin to support the functionality was […]

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Back-end secrets for app store optimization (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: If you’re not pursuing organic installs with app store optimization, you’re leaving money on the table. Join our powerhouse panel of ASO experts to learn how to boost those installs by up to 20 percent. Register here for free! Whether you’re publishing game or utility apps, Yetizen CCO Japheth Dillman says that far too many marketers are neglecting […]

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Google changes Android permissions to make game sign-ups easier

Google has changed the way the Android operating system handles permissions for game players so that it becomes a lot easier to sign players up for transactions. Google (which is changing its formal name to Alphabet) said today it is changing permissions for Google Play games by altering the model for games applications programming interfaces. […]

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App Annie 2015: Google Play saw 100% more downloads than the iOS App Store, but Apple generated 75% more revenue

In 2015, Google Play saw 100 percent more downloads than Apple’s App Store. Double the number of downloads is a huge achievement. In 2014, the figure was 60 percent, meaning Google Play was not only bigger in 2015, it grew even faster than Apple’s App Store. These latest estimates come from App Annie’s retrospective report […]

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To combat app overload, Apple and Google should look to Amazon

It’s hard to believe that when the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple planned to eschew third-party native apps altogether. From that nearly missed opportunity, iOS went on to not only change course and offer the App Store, but to create a blueprint for mobile software distribution that has been adopted by every smartphone platform since. Currently […]

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How Apple, Google, and Microsoft used each others’ app stores in 2015

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have very different app development strategies, in alignment with their respective business models. Last year, we took a look at the trio’s app stores to see how the three develop for each others’ competing platforms. We’re doing it again this year to see what, if anything, has changed. Up until last […]

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How Google Play Music’s $15-per-month family plan compares to the competition

As promised, Google today began rolling out its Google Play Music family plan in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. Instead of $10 per month for one user getting an “All Access” subscription, the family plan costs $15 per month for up to six users (you can sign up “in the coming […]

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Microsoft’s AppComparison shows you which of your Android apps are also on Windows Phone

Microsoft just added a new tool to its arsenal for fixing Windows Phone’s app gap: an Android app. No, seriously. The company today released AppComparison, which shows you a list of your Android apps that are also available on Microsoft’s mobile platform. As long as you have Android 4.1 or higher, you can download it […]

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Dear Google, your app store has a decompiling problem

GUEST: Dear Google Play team: Thank you for creating and managing Android’s largest app store, which now serves as the central hub for the largest smartphone platform in the world. Thanks as well for Android’s open architecture, which has made it possible for billions of people across the globe to cheaply access the Internet and a […]

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Google updates Play Services developer toolkit with faster sign-in and a new location API

Google today announced the release of version 8.3 of the Google Play Services software development kit (SDK) for building Android apps. Among other things, this update will allow developers to make it easier for end users to sign in to apps. “Previously, users would have to touch a sign in button, and then follow several […]

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