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Minecraft for Gear VR in 2 words: pixelated claustrophobia

A few minutes into exploring a Minecraft world in Samsung’s Gear VR head-mounted display, I started digging a hole into the ground. After getting a few meters into the earth, I was surrounded by dirt in every direction. Despite knowing in my heart that I was in a safe room with Oculus representatives and dozens […]

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Gaming analyst: Oculus Rift will sell half of what other experts predict

Virtual reality dominated the Game Developers Conference last week, but it’s nearly time for that hype to start translating into sales. And one analyst thinks the rest of the industry is setting its expectations too high. A lot of important companies are investing in VR, and that’s one of the reasons that tech advisor Digi-Capital […]

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Immersv enables virtual reality developers to advertise their games in other VR apps

Developers are getting ready to unleash a torrent of applications for virtual reality, and that has some big names from the mobile-gaming space stepping in to offer a way for studios to market their products. Immersv is a VR advertising platform that wants to help game makers and app designers with discovery while also providing them with […]

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Facebook’s Oculus adds new social games and video features to Samsung Gear VR

Oculus today announced a slew of new features for the Samsung Gear VR. The Facebook-owned company is unsurprisingly focusing on social, and in this case that means video and games. In November, Samsung released the Gear VR in collaboration with Facebook’s Oculus VR. Upon unveiling the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung promised that preordering […]

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SuperData trims virtual reality revenue outlook for 2016 by 30%

Virtual reality is not going to have quite as big of a 2016 as one research firm was originally predicting. SuperData is trimming its prediction for virtual reality sales in 2016 by 30 percent. In January, the analysts at SuperData forecast that VR would make $5.1 billion in revenues throughout this year. Now, the company is cutting […]

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The guided missile technology that makes HoloLens work

Microsoft’s augmented reality development kit costs $3,000, and that’s because it shares some components that you’d normally find in spacecraft, guided missiles, and drones. HoloLens, the head-mounted display that mixes digital imagery with the real world, starts shipping to developers March 30, and preorders are open right now. Of course, you’ll need to drain a […]

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Oculus teases VR card battler similar to Yu-Gi-Oh: ‘Get ready for something even better’

Humans have played cards since the 9th century Imperial China, and we might keep doing it even when we upload our brains into virtual reality. Oculus VR, the Facebook subsidiary working on the Rift virtual reality head-mounted display, is teasing a new card battler. In a message on Twitter, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey talked about a […]

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Why positional tracking for mobile virtual reality is so damn hard

AMSTERDAM — Consumers haven’t even had the chance to buy some of the most promising virtual reality devices yet, but the industry is already looking toward a future where all VR is mobile. But if we’re going to get to that point, the industry will need to solve a few key problems. ARM, the hardware-architecture […]

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Oculus’s Gear VR boss: Samsung Galaxy S7 beats the S7 Edge for virtual reality

If you don’t know which new Samsung Galaxy phone to get for mobile virtual reality, one of the authorities on the subject has weighed in to make your decision easier. For the best experience with the Gear VR head-mounted display peripheral, you should get the standard Galaxy S7 over the S7 Edge. At least, that’s […]

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Samsung arms every attendee at Unpacked with Gear VR to watch conference

BARCELONA, Spain — In a few minutes, Samsung will be huffing and puffing about its new Galaxy smartphones at its annual Unpacked press conference on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016. But upon entering this city’s convention center (which apparently is largely unknown to most cab drivers, and don’t even get me started!), attendees […]

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Game developers bet mobile virtual reality has mass-market appeal

AMSTERDAM — In a few months, consumers will have multiple high-end virtual reality devices to choose from, but many developers may stick with mobile solutions instead. Smartphones and their VR peripherals — like Samsung’s Gear VR for its Galaxy phones — offer an enormous opportunity for game developers, according to a talk Resolution Games chief […]

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Oculus VR guru John Carmack leads crucial position-tracking development for mobile VR

Oculus VR has one of its biggest brains working on a feature that could make mobile virtual reality even more impressive than the Rift or HTC Vive. John Carmack, chief technology officer at Oculus, revealed in a tweet today that he is spending the majority of his time working on the problem of positional tracking […]

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Google reportedly plans to release a Cardboard successor like Samsung’s Gear VR this year

Google is planning to release a new virtual reality headset for smartphones this year, pegged as a successor to its Google Cardboard platform and similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. The company will add extra support for the technology to its Android operating system, according to a people familiar with its plans cited by The Financial […]

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Unity’s top marketer says VR is being created in every corner of the world

Virtual reality is invigorating startup economies around the globe. Unity Technologies, the San Francisco-based maker of the Unity game engine, wants to fuel those VR startups by making its engine ideal for those games and apps. More than 2 million developers are using the Unity engine, and their games are being downloaded 1.2 billion times […]

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Japanese megapublisher Colopl announces $50M fund for virtual reality gaming

While traditional gaming powers in Japan are nearly all focused on mobile, one of the country’s biggest publishers is looking toward a virtual future. Colopl, which produces dozens of hit mobile games for iOS and Android, announced today that it is starting a $50 million fund that it will use to help upstart developers working in virtual […]

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The new $100 Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR opens for pre-orders in the U.S. today

We knew it was coming some time in November, but Samsung has confirmed that the new Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR is open for pre-orders in the U.S. today. As with previous editions, the Samsung Gear VR doesn’t have a screen of its own, similar to Google Cardboard, which means you have to place your device […]

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