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Growth Hacking Enterprise SaaS Sales Pt 1: What’s new in sales?

GUEST: You have heard many examples of successful growth hacking techniques mainly used in B2C websites, social networks and market places. Facebook, Twitter or Airbnb have great stories about how they hacked their growth. But how about growth hacking sales in SaaS? We are talking about higher value per customer and fewer of them, but is […]

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NSA says how often, not when, it discloses software flaws

(By Joseph Menn, Reuters) – The U.S. National Security Agency, seeking to rebut accusations that it hoards information about vulnerabilities in computer software, thereby leaving U.S. companies open to cyber attacks, said last week that it tells U.S. technology firms about the most serious flaws it finds more than 90 percent of the time. The […]

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Why seed ‘extensions’ are becoming the new normal in fundraising

GUEST: For years, many have believed the startup world would be doomed by the “Series A Crunch,” the natural result of an explosion of seed funding paired with an increasingly high bar required to earn a Series A. Industry observers believed we’d be witnessing a train wreck of epic proportions as companies died off. But the […]

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Robotics tipping point: What business leaders and entrepreneurs need to know NOW (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: We’re talking real life robotics with experts from Qualcomm and Silicon Valley Robotics. Watch on demand now for free! Silicon Valley is at the center of the perfect storm of robotics. It’s at the center of the talent, the investment and the research, the center of the software and hardware industries — all key ecosystem components […]

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U.S. task force expected to recommend drone registry be free

(Reuters) – A federal task force is expected to recommend a Web-based registry for drone owners that would impose no registration fees, two people familiar with the matter said on Friday. The 25-member task force has reached no final decisions after three days of meetings this week, the sources said. Discussions are expected to continue […]

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The unicorn winter is coming — are you ready?

GUEST: Here in New England, it’s getting chilly. The leaves are changing, the Patagonia vests have come out. Everyone’s mind has shifted towards the impending winter. And on the other side of the country, people are preparing for a different kind of winter — the unicorn winter. While everyone is having a great time picking on […]

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4 ways to fix your startup’s identity crisis

GUEST: “Who the hell are you?” It’s a question we often heard when calling New York City landlords upon first arriving here. Then, landlords were trying to understand how three guys from Texas had any business in New York’s commercial real estate market. Who we are has since changed, but as we expand our products, refine […]

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John Q Public, beware: The SEC’s new investor rules could ruin you

GUEST: Last week, the SEC changed the rules on crowdfunding so that unaccredited investors can invest in startups. While the goal of opening up early stage investment to everyone is noble, the effect on these new investors could be devastating, given the illiquidity and deficiency of information endemic to early state companies. I have been formally involved […]

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Why no one will fund your startup: A look behind the scenes of VC Q3 2015 (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Join us for this live webinar. Register here for free.  For every startup that makes it, there are thousands that don’t. The accepted industry stat of 90 percent failure rate sees a lot of dreams shattered. If your business looks like a bad bet, no self-respecting investor is going to take a gamble on you and your […]

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Toyota’s $1B AI, Robotics Play Jolts Driverless World

Toyota Motor on Friday announced plans to launch a new company, Toyota Research Institute, as part of a five-year $1 billion investment in artificial intelligence and robotics technology for automobiles. The new company will begin operations in January 2016 under the leadership of Toyota’s executive technical advisor Gill Pratt. Its headquarters will be in Silicon Valley near Stanford University.

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Google acquires video and photo editing startup Fly Labs

Google has acquired Fly Labs in a move that will likely see the startup’s media editing technology be integrated into the Google Photos app. Fly Labs announced the move on its website saying that it’ll be “pouring the same passion into Google Photos that we poured into [its apps] Clips, Fly, Tempo, and Crop on the Fly.” […]

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Zuckerberg: Newark schools investment has helped improve graduation rates 13%

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has revealed some results from his high-profile investment in Newark, New Jersey public schools. In a post on the social network, he shared that graduation rates in the city have increased 13 percent to now stand at 69 percent. Additionally, Newark charter schools now rank as the second highest performing educational […]

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Samsung backs Interlude to change the way we watch movies in VR

EXCLUSIVE: Virtual reality is slowly pushing film into an evolutionary split. To one side are the traditional linear narrative techniques. To the other, sits the multipath nature of interactivity. Interlude, a content producer and creative tools provider, is developing techniques to try to make the transition between the two worlds a little easier. And Samsung sees value […]

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BlackBerry talks Priv security, privacy, and why Android now

The BlackBerry Priv is here — we reviewed the phone but there’s a lot more to say. This is BlackBerry’s first Android device. I had the opportunity to talk to Dave Kleidermacher, BlackBerry’s chief security officer, and pick his brain about the Priv and more broadly about the company’s decision to finally go Android. First […]

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Activision Blizzard’s strategy for world conquest

Activision Blizzard has become the No. 2 publicly traded game company in the world, second only to China’s Tencent. It has done so by being singularly committed to making the world’s biggest video game franchises and putting everything behind them. That’s the company’s continuing strategy to dominate gaming and the larger entertainment industry, and it […]

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Activision Blizzard is counting on Call of Duty: Black Ops III to return series to growth

The hype around Call of Duty: Black Ops III couldn’t be bigger today as the game formally launches. Players around the world attended midnight store openings so they could be the first to get the adrenaline rush of the latest Call of Duty experience, which Activision touted as a “Call of Duty game like no […]

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The secrets to successful F2P ad monetization (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Join us for this live webinar on Tuesday, November 24th at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern. Register here for free. Everyone loves free things. How can you not? It’s free! So, of course when it comes to the mobile gaming market, free-to-play games currently rule the roost. A win for consumers looking for 15 minutes of […]

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Activision Blizzard opens movie studio to create films and TV shows based on its games

Activision Blizzard has finally gone Hollywood. The world’s No. 2 video game publisher is announcing today the launch of Activision Blizzard Studios, a new in-house film and television studio devoted to creating original movies and TV shows based on the company’s video games. In doing so, the company has embraced the “transmedia” strategy of extending […]

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Mobile personalization: How to become your customer’s best friend (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: Watch this webinar now on-demand. Access it for free right here. For Jesse Grittner, one of the biggest pitfalls mobile marketers fall into is the shiny penny syndrome. It’s the idea that there’s always something new emerging in the space, with new technologies, and marketers can jump on the newest, shiniest thing without properly evaluating its fit for their […]

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Yahoo will now show your Flickr photos in image search results

Yahoo is expanding its search results to pull in photos that you’ve uploaded to your Flickr account. If you’re signed into your account on the photo social network and happen to run an image search on Yahoo, the system will display the publicly available photos you’ve taken that match up with that criteria, along with […]

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