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Immy grabs patent on how to do AR/VR glasses in a natural way

Immy, a tech startup based in Michigan, said it has been granted a patent on a way to design a new generation of augmented reality and virtual reality products. The Troy, Michigan-based company said it has been awarded a patent for “natural eye optics” technology, which the company says replicates how humans see in the […]

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AR/VR investments hit $1.1B in first two months of 2016, already beating last year’s total

Augmented reality and virtual reality investment reached $1.1 billion in the first 2 months of this year, according to tech advisor Digi-Capital. That figure is impressive because it beats the $686 million in AR/VR investments for all of 2015, and this is the first time that AR/VR investment has topped a billion dollars in any […]

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Leap Motion introduces amazing Orion hand-tracking for virtual reality

PREVIEW: No one knows the magic of hands like Leap Motion. And that’s why the San Francisco company is introducing a new hand-tracking system so that you can use your hands in the new virtual worlds that are becoming possible with augmented and virtual reality. The Orion hand-tracking product is a new generation of gesture control so […]

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Magic Leap and King’s deals pave way for big jump in 2016 game transactions

Augmented reality glasses firm Magic Leap’s confirmed that it has raised $793.5 million from Alibaba Group and other investors. Together with the expected closing of the $5.9 billion acquisition of King by Activision Blizzard, the Magic Leap funding could do wonders for game-related deal activity in 2016. As we noted yesterday, game industry transactions for […]

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VR startups: 4 lessons to learn from the AR hype cycle

GUEST: Back in 2008, augmented reality (AR) could do no wrong. There was unbelievable hype around the technology and a growing amount of interest from just about every brand, company, and investor. Fast-forward three years and by 2011, if you were an AR company, you might as well have worn a scarlet letter. The disillusionment of […]

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If you have $50K to blow, this very real virtual racing game will blow your mind

It’s getting hard to distinguish between virtual reality, augmented reality, and plain old simple reality. And the distinctions are not getting any easier with California-based Sigma Intégrale’s new racing game product that includes an actual Corvette … or any other car you might want to sacrifice to the cause. As long, of course, as you […]

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Osterhout Design Group unveils high-end enterprise augmented reality glasses

The Osterhout Design Group, which has been making high-end night-vision goggles for years, has begun shipping its R-7 augmented reality glasses for enterprise applications. The $2,750 smartglasses are a sign of things to come, as the company eventually hopes to bring the technology to the masses at consumer prices. Augmented reality is expected to become a […]

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Kopin enables augmented reality glasses with breakthroughs in display, speech, and battery tech

Kopin is unveiling a series of technologies today that it says will make augmented reality glasses — heretofore clunky and awkward to wear — as wearable as a pair of sunglasses. The Westborough, Massachusetts-based company — previously focused on the combat wearable market — said it has made advances with the world’s smallest smart glass display, a […]

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CastAR will return $1M in Kickstarter money and postpone augmented-reality glasses shipments

Augmented reality gaming glasses startup CastAR is postponing the launch of its augmented reality glasses, but it is also doing something unusual. The company is returning all of the $1 million in pledged money from its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to its supporters. The company says it’s the right thing to do, even though it isn’t obligated […]

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