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Connecting Silicon Valley and the rest of the world

FEATURE: Not all roads to Silicon Valley were created equal. Those born in close proximity to the southern San Francisco Bay Area region can build local contacts organically just from being there. Meanwhile, budding entrepreneurs elsewhere in the world may expend considerable resources just trying to get a foot in the door. This is one problem […]

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President Obama unveils initiative to bring computer science to more schools

President Barack Obama wants to make computer science more accessible in schools around the United States. Today he unveiled his Computer Science for All initiative, a program that’ll make investments in not only the state and local levels, but also with federal agencies. The goal is to train teachers so that they in turn can encourage […]

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Space Pirate Trainer is good VR if you want to blast robots out of the sky

Kablam! Kablam! Kablam! I’m tempted to write just that much about Space Pirate Trainer from I-Illusions. It’s a shooter game in virtual reality, and I saw a demo of it this week in Seattle at Valve’s event for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. The title is one of a dozen games we saw for […]

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Facebook bans person-to-person gun sales on its site

Facebook says that it’s banning users from coordinating private sales of firearms on its social network. The move largely affect transactions that take place on the site, as the company will allow licensed retailers to advertise firearms on Facebook as long as the transactions take place outside of its platform. The ban applies to private, person-to-person […]

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T-Mobile’s Binge On May Run Afoul of Net Neutrality Rules

T-Mobile’s Binge On streaming video service violates Net neutrality rules, according to a report authored by Barbara van Schewick, director of The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. Among the reasons the Binge On service may be problematic: It doesn’t offer unlimited video streaming, raising transparency concerns; and it gives participants a competitive advantage.

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