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VR startups: 4 lessons to learn from the AR hype cycle

GUEST: Back in 2008, augmented reality (AR) could do no wrong. There was unbelievable hype around the technology and a growing amount of interest from just about every brand, company, and investor. Fast-forward three years and by 2011, if you were an AR company, you might as well have worn a scarlet letter. The disillusionment of […]

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BusinessCloudlands: VR MinigolfFuturetownGamesHTC ViveValvevirtual realityVR

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf is a zany way to experience virtual reality with the HTC Vive

Golf games are usually a standard kind of sports title on a new video game platform. But it only works so well when you’re pretending to swing at a ball with a 16-button controller. But in virtual reality, you can get much more into the actual experience of playing golf, and this game has the […]

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3D camerasBusinessEric RachlinMediaMobile

Depth-sensing cameras will open up a whole new frontier for smartphones

GUEST: [Full disclosure: Body Labs is backed by Intel Capital and is working with Intel RealSense to develop 3D body scanning software for smartphones.] 2016 marks the beginning of a fundamental leap forward in smartphone hardware: depth-sensing cameras. We’ve already seen accelerometers, gyroscopes, barometers, cameras, and fingerprint sensors become common on even the most budget-friendly smartphones. […]

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BusinessElite: DangerousFrontier DevelopmentGamesHTC Vivemotion sicknessseasickValvevirtual realityVR

Elite: Dangerous shows you can get sick from a VR game on the HTC Vive

For almost a year, Valve chief executive Gabe Newell and other company representatives have been saying that the HTC Vive won’t make you seasick from motion-sickness, as happens with other virtual reality headsets. I have confirmed that is not true, since I got mild motion sickness while playing a preview demo of the Elite: Dangerous […]

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A new breed of ‘data-first’ tools could soon dominate the enterprise

GUEST: We are about to witness an upheaval in the enterprise software market that will put billions of dollars of IT spending up for grabs. In the old world, enterprise applications were primarily about increasing a business’ efficiency through better workflow — data and analytics were add-ons. In the emerging world, applications will be “data first,” […]

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Alex SchwartzBusinessGamesHTC ViveJob SimulatorOwlchemy LabsValvevirtual realityVR

Hands-on with Owlchemy’s silly Job Simulator virtual reality game for the HTC Vive

If you don’t like your job in real life, maybe it will be better in virtual reality. That outlandish notion is the idea behind Job Simulator, a virtual reality game that lets you perform familiar tasks in a funny way in places like a kitchen, an office, or a convenience store. Owlchemy Labs is creating […]

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