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Netflix vs. Amazon in 2015: A tale of two video-streaming giants

FEATURE: As we near the end of another year, VentureBeat takes a look back at some of the highlights from two companies at the forefront of the cord-cutting movement: Netflix and Amazon. From awards and big-name content acquisitions to new international markets and strategic partnerships, this is a tale of two global video-streaming giants in 2015. Original content comes […]

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To combat app overload, Apple and Google should look to Amazon

It’s hard to believe that when the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple planned to eschew third-party native apps altogether. From that nearly missed opportunity, iOS went on to not only change course and offer the App Store, but to create a blueprint for mobile software distribution that has been adopted by every smartphone platform since. Currently […]

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Security Execs Sweat Insider Threats

Insider threats are becoming increasingly worrisome to corporate security executives. That is one of the findings in a survey of C-level businesspeople Nuix released last week. “The insider threat seems to be a bigger concern this year than it was in previous years,” said Nuix’s Keith Lowry. “People are recognizing that it is a significant weakness that has yet to be fully addressed.”

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Reddit’s 2015 stats: Pageviews up 16% to 82 billion, submissions hit 73 million, comments pass 725 million

Reddit today announced that in 2014 it served an impressive 82.54 billion pageviews in over 88,700 active subreddits. The company also shared that it saw 73.15 million submissions, received 725.85 million comments, and enjoyed over 6.89 billion total votes during the year. Using 2014’s figures, we can see that pageviews were up 15.85 percent year-over-year […]

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The $5K wood-covered Novena Heirloom open-source laptop ships to backers

Chances are you are not going to find this on display next week at the 2016 International CES, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas. The creators of the $5,000 Novena Heirloom, a laptop built with a completely open and modifiable design, have shipped the final premium models this week to backers. The Heirloom […]

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